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Why Do I Need To Be On The Internet?
It's important for EVERY business to have it's own website. The main reason is that everyone is already looking there for information and purchases.

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  • How many times do you do a Google search?
  • How often do you search for items you plan to purchase?
  • How far away is your mobile device at any given time?
  • Wouldn't you want your business in a place that is so convenient to others?

Understanding the "Why" is the first part...
now, you need to act on it...
if not you will be in the same place as you were yesterday....

First, you need a "responsive" that will show up in perfect proportions on a desktop computer or a cell phone...
Next, for a fraction of the price of an App, the CMM staff can create for you an will be the envy of all your competitors!  And, your cost is low because we at CMM are keeping up with the latest technology!
Then, it's up to you to add the "bells and whistles"...a monthly Coupon Campaign, Push Notifications, Automatic Email Campaigns, etc.

Is Your Website Mobile Compliant?

  • Google began ranking mobile-friendly sites higher starting April 21 2015 - See more at:
  • The company (Google)  will increase the ranking of sites that are mobile-friendly much higher.
  • It will pose a serious challenge to those still not running a mobile-friendly website.

So, What Are You Waiting For?

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Every website is different....the basic set up price is for websites up to 5 pages. IF you have a larger website, please contact us -- we will provide you with an estimate.
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